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Spend your BEST HOLIDAY in Russia
For centuries this gigantic, mysterious and at times shocking country has fascinated people around the world. The largest in the world by territory (it stretches across 11 time zones and occupies 1/7 of land mass), one of the leading global politics player, the country that produced one of the richest cultures and major scientific breakthroughs Russia still remains largely unknown and undiscovered for foreign travelers. The main reason for that is that until recently Russia was not an easily accessible travel destination. In fact traveling to the Soviet Union was extremely restricted and traveling to the former Soviet Republics after the Soviet era often lacked comfort. Nowadays our company provides world-class comfort at the highest modern travel industry standards on all tours to Russia.

We also realize that travelers do not come to Russia and the former USSR territories for a “relax-and-lay-on-a-beach-vacation” where comfort is all that is required. People visiting Russia demand more; they are interested in history, art, politics, science and culture. At NWI I make sure that we satisfy those demands.
Along with must-see world famous sights such as Hermitage, Kremlin, Red Square, Bolshoy Theatre we offer a wide selection of literature, music, art, theatre, soviet history and space technology specialty tours. To provide travelers the insider's view we devised and now offer on demand several programs such as a visit to a “neighborhood school” that allows interaction with the local residents in their everyday routine.

We also pay special attention to our tour-guides. One guide travels with a group during the entire trip on all our tours. Our guides are not only informative and resourceful they are witty, charming, attentive and sensitive to your travel needs, experienced professionals. Our guides have a bunch of interesting stories from their lives and lives of their families that make the tours more personal.

We started own company NWI in 2003. Since then we gained experience, learned ins and outs of the industry. We continue growing and never stop learning in fact the more we achieve the more passionate about our tours we become.

We promise to you: whether you order economy, medium range or luxury tour at NWI you will get the best industry has available in that range.
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