The Monumental Projects of Soviet Era

Should you be interested in seeing examples of Soviet grandiose projects of monumental propaganda the following programme is to be your choice.
Duration: 5 hours
Available: Daily
Departure: Moscow
Meeting Point: Hotel pick-up
Price from 4050,00 руб
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Moscow Metro - All-Russian Exhibition Centre (or VVTS) - The Sculpture of Vera Mukhina You will see the famous Moscow subway stations - one of the proudest achievements of Soviet era - decorated with marble, mosaics, bronze statues and bas-reliefs. All-Russian Exhibition Centre (or VVTS) was designed as a showpiece of Stalinist monumental art. Spread over 500 acres there are a number of ornate pavilions with mosaic ribbons, gilded spires, tiled arabesques, built to show the achievements of Soviet republics and planned economy. Among the highlights are a triumphal archway with towering statues of a tractor driver and a farm girl, the Fountain of the Friendship of People with 16 gilded statues of maidens in national costumes of former republics of the USSR, a mosaic-encrusted Stone Fountain. Another even more celebrated monument - "The Worker and the Collective Farm Girl", designed by Vera Mukhina for the Soviet pavilion at the 1937 Paris Expo. Colossal twin figures 25m high on a pedestal of another 30m raising the hammer and sickle, synthesized art, science and technology and has become a symbol of Soviet industrial progress.

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